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Archived Yi-Fu Tuan 'Dear Colleague' Letters
Date of Letter Topic Summary
5-January-2010 On the effects of hesitation. "So, dear colleague, ask. Silence is sterile and can even kill. Don’t hesitate too long, though, whether in words and in deeds..."  
25-January-2010 "Change in the human condition has historically depended more on push than on pull. Now that the push, driven by life’s intolerable burdens, has somewhat eased in the world, can we hope that the pull—the lure of the Good—will play a larger role?"  
5-February-2010 On pessimists and optmists  
22-February-2010 "Isn’t this the reward of exposure to the humanities? A knowledge of the books links us to humankind and beyond humankind to the whole of nature."  
15-March-2010 On chaos and symmertry in the number pi. " From chaos and randomness, come order and beauty, and from order and beauty, come an appreciation for mild exhibitions of chaos and randomness."  
26-March-2010 Exploring the small life events that engender patriotism  
5-May-2010 Ethics is about others, is it not? (Bobby, the last Kantian in Nazi Germany)  
1-June-2010 "Can one be a really good person and also a pessimist?" and other questions.  
15-June-2010 On paradox in life. "To have a human mind is to live in a world of paradoxes. Put another way, it is to live in a world of fantasy in which elementary logic counts for naught. How can we see ourselves as rational beings when we routinely accept nonsense?"  
6-July-2010 The public and the private, the body and the mind.  
20-July-2010 " To feel real, we have to be acknowledged. What to do? Technology provides an answer—the cell phone."  
6-August-2010 "Human equality is apparently just one of those things one has to accept. It is a first principle. To the question, What backs it up? the answer has to be, it cannot be another humanly-devised principle. It has to be something not quite of this world–religion. "  
20-August-2010 On Judaism  
1-October-2010 On modern Tibet and the problem of identity  
16-October-2010 Living in a magnificent--or not so magnificent--body  
22-November-2010 Chance/Accident: an essay by Yi-Fu Tuan  
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