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In the Fall of 2004, Yi-Fu Tuan held his last student seminar in Science Hall. Among the students was Melanie McCalmont, who also worked for the Department of Geography as its webmaster. After several talks about the geography of communication, and knowing that Yi-Fu continued to write to his colleagues but that no online resource existed for their collection, she suggested to Yi-Fu that they start placing the new letters online in a personal professional website. The site went live on November 13, 2004. Gradually, most of the letters which used to be circulated personally or mailed with envelope and stamp to friends and colleagues were transitioned to an online-only global readership. The entire collection of past Dear Colleague letters from 1985-2004, with the exception of letters contained in the book Dear Colleague, was scanned and is being posted online in 2009 in the Archive section. Some archived letters are yet to be posted. The website receives visitors from 34 different countries.


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